Volkswagen Polo

Power to you.

Playful on the outside, powerful on the inside, the new Polo with advanced features, ensure you experience driving in its raw and pure form.

Power under the hood

The Polo comes with great power and great efficiency. So, rev the engine, make it march to the beat of your own drums.

Being in power is also about being in control.

Your safety is our priority and so the Volkswagen Polo features a range of safety features.

Airbags standard

We’ve got your back.

And your front of course. Equipped with dual-front Airbags as standard, the Polo is the safest premium hatchback in its segment. Sit back and enjoy safe drives in a Volkswagen Polo.

Galvanised steel body

Steel the show!

Sit nestled comfortably as you ride in a 100% galvanised steel body that’s enclosed by a laser-welded roof. As safe as possible (or probably even more).

ABS Standard

Stop before disaster happens

The Anti-lock Braking System, that comes standard in your Volkswagen Polo, ensures that you stop when you want to stop, without fearing unnecessary lag.

4 Year Warranty

At Volkswagen, we give you a 100,000 kilometer warranty for 4 years. Because that's how confident we are, of our high quality parts!

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3 Free Services

Servicing your Volkswagen is important to ensure you experience it at its best. To ensure you experience German engineering at its finest, we're offering you 3 complimentary services on your favourite Volkswagen.

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4 Year Roadside Assistance

With a 4 year roadside assistance free with your Volkswagen, never worry. on your drives Because no matter what, we've got you covered!

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